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Will Basics

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Most of my clients come in to my office asking for an Estate Plan. Their first question is often, "Do I need a Trust? Or just a Will? Or both?"

I respond as most lawyers often do with, "It depends."

As an Estate Planning Attorney, I give my clients a questionnaire which covers everything I need to know in order to draft most efficiently. Often clients can just draft a Basic will with a Testamentary Trust. However for clients with greater planning needs we often draft a Revocable Living Trust with a Pour Over Will. Along with these main documents we also include a comprehensive set of ancillary documents. These include:

Power of Attorney Documents (Financial and Medical), Living Will/ Advanced Directive, Burial Instructions, Memorandum Disposition of Personal Property, HIPPA Waiver, and Guardianship Documents.

For more advanced clients with greater holdings and assets, we will draft a Revocable Trust with a Pour Over Will. There are also tax planning Trusts which I draft for clients which qualify for tax deductions (however the Estate Tax bracket has gone up significantly).

In addition, I also offer special planning for certain circumstances such as Pet Trusts, Gun Trusts, Beneficiary Deeds, Minor Travel Documents, and a variety of other specified documents tailored to fit to your needs.

Protecting those who you love most is a complicated process. However I try and simplify this for my clients. Reach out and "find an estate planner near me." Give me a call at 720-556-6584 for a free consultation.

Signing and Notarizing a Will

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