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Probate Estate Administration

Loosing someone you love is hard. Dealing with Estate Administration matters during the grieving process, can feel like an uphill climb up an insurmountable mountain.

Let me help.

I have years of experience with Probate Administration. My clients trust me to file the necessary paperwork in court, while guiding them through the probate process.

This past week, in one of my cases we sold 7 cars and moved them from the decedent's property. That was a "win" for the Estate! In another case, we distributed sentimental items of value evenly amongst siblings. That was also a "win" for the Estate! In another case, I applied for a Certified Death Certificate for a client so that we can collect life insurance proceeds and federal pension disbursements. Vital records office is a difficult thing to navigate, especially during COVID when deaths are at a high.

I take pride is assisting my clients through the probate process.

I draft Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney documents in my Estate Planning and drafting cases. In fact, I have a Will signing tonight. We are meeting in my conference room which will be sanitized by the excellent staff at my office, and everyone will wear masks. My conference room table is so large, that we can all sit 6 feet apart for the notarization and final signing of the documents.

Looking for an "Estate Planning Attorney near me"? Give me a call today for a free 30 minute consultation, so see if my services will fit your needs.

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