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Alternative Burial Options in Colorado

An essential piece of information when it comes to estate planning is instruction for the disposition of an individual’s body. The most common choices being burial or cremation. However, there is a lesser-known alternative that is making its way to Colorado. The Colorado Legislature passed a law to bring alternative after-death care methods. The new law passed last year made natural organic human reduction (composting) legal. The remains can be turned into soil and used for planting if it is not for food growth or human consumption or can be donated to conservation efforts. With a new facility coming to Denver, this environmentally friendly burial method is moving to become a more common option for Coloradans.

Green burial, scattering ashes at sea, and even mushroom suits are options for those clients looking for alternative options to the traditional burial plan.

Book an appointment to discuss your Trust, Will, Power of Attorney documents and Burial/ Cremation Instructions.

By: Legal Assistant Hannah Bingaman and Melissa D. Anderson, Esq.

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