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Denver’s Premier Estate Planning Lawyers - Protect Your Legacy

 Melissa Dougherty Anderson helps Coloradans proactively plan for their estate needs. Colorado's best Will & Trust lawyer.   Online and in-person options are available.


We are happy you have chosen to look into Estate Planning and understand that you are imagining planning for your family's future without you.  This is not easy.  We are parents as well and understand this is a daunting thought.  Taking this initial step is the hardest part.  Now that you have found  our firm, we will help guide you through the process and make the rest of the process as EASY AS POSSIBLE.

We believe that planning for your families future will give you the peace of mind to live for TODAY.   We know you are BUSY, but that you also want to give guidance and financial well being to your loved ones .  Our team will work to guide you through this process and streamline our drafting to get your case in order .  We charge a flat fee for our services which are always agreed upon in advance.  We also offer regular review of your Estate Plan, and offer a lifetime relationship with you so you can expect regular communications from our office.
We look forward to helping you create an Estate Plan that your family can trust for a lifetime.

Colorado Estate Planner Melissa Dougherty Anderson

What is Estate Planning?


Estate planning is a crucial step for everyone, not just the wealthy. It encompasses all personal assets, such as vehicles, bank accounts, and personal belongings. With Denver households typically owning two cars, many residents possess estates that require management. Estate planning ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes through legal documents like wills or trusts, avoiding uncertainties for your loved ones after you're gone. It's about securing your legacy and providing for those you care about, no matter the estate size.

What Does Estate Planning Include?

Estate planning encompasses much more than asset distribution—it's about ensuring your legacy and responsibilities are handled according to your wishes. Key components include:

Child Care and Financial Management: Designating guardians for your children and how their finances are managed.

Decision Making: Appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf if you're unable to do so.

Asset Allocation: Determining how and to whom your assets are distributed.

Credit Protection: Strategies to shield your estate from creditors.

Business Succession: Planning for the transfer of business ownership.

Tax Minimization: Procedures to reduce estate taxes, often involving trusts.

Do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney in Denver?

While you might consider handling estate planning by yourself, the complexity of the process and the high risk of errors can make self-planning a risky endeavor. Mistakes in documentation or missing critical details can significantly affect the distribution of your estate, potentially leading it into unintended hands or causing lengthy court disputes. At Colorado Estate Planner, our extensive experience in estate planning ensures your directives are clear, legally sound, and fully represent your wishes, safeguarding your loved ones' future without the worry of legal hurdles.

About Melissa Dougherty Anderson Law

Melissa Dougherty Anderson is a Colorado Attorney with over 15 years experience in Estate Planning.  After working for the Colorado Department of Revenue in the Enforcement Division for numerous years, she established her own legal private practice. 


Melissa is an active member of the Colorado Bar Association Trust and Estate Section.  She serves on the E-Wills, Orange Book of Forms Revisions, and Colorado Uniform Trust Act committees to help strengthen Colorado Law.

Melissa serves on the Board of the Golden Civic Foundation, an Ambassador for the Golden Chamber of Commerce, and volunteers for Metro Volunteer Lawyers as a pro bono attorney. 

She enjoys running, tennis and snowboarding.

PROACTIVE. RESPONSIBLE. CLEAR. If you have children, then you need an Estate Plan. My firm


If you have children, then you need an Estate Plan.  My firm provides responsible planning services for individuals who want to make the right financial decisions for their families.  

Melissa Dougherty Anderson Law

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